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Why FREE Online Yoga Videos from a Yoga Studio??

Hi, my name is Morgan Turley and I started Essence Yoga Studio many years ago to help people benefit from yoga like I have.  You see, I started doing yoga after my first child was born in 2004.  My love of yoga practice and the energy that flowed throughout each class created a deep desire within me to help others feel what I felt.  I enrolled in and completed the 200-hour yoga teacher program at Scottsdale Community College.

I created Essence Yoga Studio to make a difference in your life.  For years I've been teaching small class sizes to allow me to focus on giving each student personalized instruction on each pose.  Depending on the class attendees I would personalize each pose and modification to meet their needs.

However, I've recently had some health challenges that have prevented me from continuing my love as a yoga teacher.  So, what I decided to do is create a series of yoga videos to continue in a limited way to impact people positively through yoga.  Each video contains detailed instructions on how to set up for each pose, exactly how to position your body for proper alignment and full benefit, and how to properly come out of each pose.  Each lesson contains HD video, audio download and a  fully illustrated with workbook to go with it.

I continue to get calls from frustrated students looking for the "right" studio for them.  For many, my online yoga video lessons are a perfect fit.  For others it's a great addition to a studio they may end up finding.  Either way, all you have to do is just fill out the form above.  It's completely free and I won't spam you with junk.  Just yoga insight and instruction.

You'll get access to simple yet highly effective yoga lesson for use in the comfort of your own home! Get free instant access, just fill in the form above.
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